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Cable powdering machines

Cable powdering machines (Cable Chalkers)

The production process requirements regarding quality and repeatability are rising constantly in the Cable Industry even more than in other industries.

You cannot reach this target with simple powder boxes or rotating brush systems resulting into process problems and also pollution problems.

Kabelbepuderungsmaschine Typ pm 500 KE-RFollowing this target PEKUtech have designed cable chalkers to satisfy these demands. Our newest generation of cable powdering machines are systems offering combined Electrostatic and Powder/air flow system. Known competetive systems are charging the powder resulting into the powder to stick everywhere in the air flow hoses or the powder jets creating blockages and machine stops.
Different to this PEKUtech cable chalkers are electrostatically charging the cable ensuring even layer of powder on the cable surface even at high line speeds or large cable diameters.

Main design target were operators easy handling and reducement of maintenance time and costs

Special feature

Further important advantage of our machine design is the use of different powders like Magnesium-Stearate, Lithium-Stearate or similar our system does not require any fire-protection equipment like the competition machines need to offer. Without any problem all kinds of powders available on the market can be used.

For applying graphite we have developed special machine design including effective striping unit. The innovative design of our filter unit fitted to the machine offers our customers a self-cleaning system without the need of cleaning any filter cartridges befor 6-8 months - this reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

Key Benefits

  • Combined Electrostatic and Powder flow system
  • Self-cleaning filter unit
  • Large inbuilt powder reservoir
  • Center hight adjustable
  • Line speed synchronisation
  • Powder level sensor
  • Repeatable process data
  • Powder thickness stepless adjustable
  • All kinds of powders accepted
  • Machines according to CE Standard


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