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Powdering of Rubber Strips


Powdering of Rubber Strips

The advantage of powdering Rubber Feed Strips for Extruders or injection moulding machines is that you receive clean and even powdered surface of the strips giving you no problem at infeed units of Extruders or injection moulding machines.

Compared with liquid antitack solutions dry powder applied gives you the safety of optimal strips handling without sticking together.

Strip_lineFor customers producing tension sensitive compounds we offer special guide roller systems to support the extruded material right from leaving the Extruder diehead going through our machine to be powdered and maybe being supported by conveyor belt.

If customers do not have own pulling systems to guide the material through our machine we offer as optional extra driven speed adjustable pull off rollers fitted to the machine.

Rotating brushes inside the machine head

Guide RollersFurther optional extra are rotating brushes inside the machine head for equalizing the powder on the surface and to press just a bit the powder into the material.This rotating brush unit can be designed as speed and hight adjustable units.

The width of Rubber strips can vary between any small size up to a max. of 450 mm working width.

The operator can adjust the amount of powder stepless by a potentiometer to adchieve exact as much as he needs and not more to avoid eccesive powder falling off during strip handling.

Responsible for visiting customers, developing specification

Sales representatives required for a full line of custom built and Standard range of Powder Applicators for the Rubber and Plastic Industry, Wire and Cable Industry, and all other applications.

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