PEKUtech GmbH
Dibberser Mühlenweg 85 a
D - 21244 Buchholz

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Who we are

The family-owned company PEKUtech GmbH is specialized in the development, manufacture and sales of Powdering Systems for the Rubber, Plastic and Cable Industry.

Since the company was founded in 1980 as Sales Agency for a number of wellknown european Extruder line manufacturer for the Rubber and Cable Industry the company entered 1989 into a Machine manufacturing company concentrating on the design of Powder Dusting Machines. Technological developments have been carried out continuously.

Today PEKUtech Powder Applicators represent the highest technological standard in powdering technology, and is recognized throughout the world as the leading manufacturer. 

Cable Dusting 01Operating successfully world-wide, PEKUtech Powdering Systems set the standard for an economical, quality- constant production and higher competitiveness.

A fully automatic mode of operation, a wide application field, also for critical materials like printer blankets, rubberized fabrics meet the demand for new and better qualities.

PEKUtech offers reliable sales and service, which is handled world-wide by competent partners. In urgent cases our prompt 24 h service hotline is available for you. A technical center for trials and developments is available for you at our headquarters in Buchholz, Germany.

Company philosophy

Our company philosophy is to work together with our customers, based on confidence and personal relationships. We are dedicated to giving you competent advice, to support you with the best know-how and the most modern technology, and to always offer you an optimum powdering solution.
Our machines apply just as much powder as you require on the surface of your moulded goods

Worldwide Services

Understanding how critical prompt action is in the case of a production breakdown, PEKUtech provides a permanent and twolingual after sales service.

The operators’ technical training and the maintenance of machinery can be conducted either inGermany or at the customer’s factory, directly by PEKUtech engineers or certified agents.

Do you have aditional questions about our company or product range? Please get in by now!

Responsible for visiting customers, developing specification

Sales representatives required for a full line of custom built and Standard range of Powder Applicators for the Rubber and Plastic Industry, Wire and Cable Industry, and all other applications.

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