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Powder applicators

for Rubber moulded goods

Powder applicators

Powder applicators for Rubber moulded goods

The rubber moulded goods are throughpassing our machine head on integrated driven speed controlled transportbands.Our powder jets are positioned to powder exact the total circumference of all parts even in holes or other difficult shapes.

Formteile 2All machines are equipped with a PLC system and with our high efficient self-cleaning filter system Type APC. This filter system is keeping clean the operators area – without the need of an external dust extraction. The powder quantity on the surface can be adjusted by a potentiometer at the control panel during the running production.

  • All machines are meeting the CE- rules.
  • Cleaning filter system Type APC.
  • Without the need of an external dust extraction

Bepuderung Gel-Produkte

Formteile 1In our Powder Applicators we can handle moulded goods with dimensions about 300 x 200 mm if they have standard outside shape. Flat moulded goods are acceptable up to 1000 mm width. With flexible powder jets we can apply powder also into sections between lips or small gaps for reducing friction during handling actions.

Breite FormteileFor continous powdering of flat sheets with dimensions like 800 x 400 mm or similar we have developed a machine with driven metal transport band integrated into the machine head. The operator is feeding the sheet simply by placing it onto the infeed transport band and it will be transported through the Powdering machineleaving itvia the exit transport band clean and even powdered. Ready for further handling with powder on the surface just as much as necessary.

PM 1000 with integrated transport band