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Services and machine tests

Aware of the importance of quick technical sevice on problems in production PEKUtech offers a worldwide multilingual technical customer service.

The past years have shown that more and more of our customers prefer to test the functionality of our products with their own materials.

Technical Support + Spares

All over the world more than 350 customers trust in the products and service of PEKUtech . Competence, quality and closeness to the customer form the fundament of our activities. PEKUtech stands for good, solid and durable product quality.

Technischer KundendienstUnderstanding how critical prompt action is in the case of a production breakdown, PEKUtech provides a permanent and twolingual after sales service. The operators’ technical training and the maintenance of machinery can be conducted either inGermany or at the customer’s factory, directly by PEKUtech engineers or certified agents.

Always carefully listening to the customers’ individual requirements, PEKUtech engineers evaluate, devise technical solutions and produce specificpowdering solutions applicable to the machines that will allow powdering process complying fully to the customer’s specifications. Our services extend from Hotline-Service to the provision of our own engineers on site.

Our Customer Services are available on all continents via our network of sales offices and Representatives. We also guarantee rapid delivery of replacement parts worldwide. Our comprehensive replacement parts service guarantees the supply (availability) even 20 years after purchase. With detailed technical documentation we support our customers in the use of our products in any language required. Our highly qualified engineers will gladly advice you on such matters as the use of a new machinery and lines and also on how to optimize your current production processes.

Technicum for machine tests

To be convinced that we offer you the machine optimal suitable for your production process we have always available machines in our Technicum for carrying out machine tests with customers material.

TechnicumOur customers are wellcome to visit our factory with own material to be powdered here on site may it be rubber strips or rubber hoses or profiles or even calendered goods. We have simple winding units for simulating real producton process. What you will adchieve here in our Technicum can show you immediately the advantage of using our machines in your factory. About 50 % of our customers have taken this opportunity before purchasing a machine.

Furthermore if you are satisfied here with the results you get here you will be even more impressed running the machine in your professional production process having optimal production parameters whilst we can only simulate real production process.

  • This offer of running Technicum tests is free of charge that means without any costs for the customer.
  • Our experienced technicians have carried out a lot of powdering tests for various applications. However, service and application techniques are not only carried out in our facilities in Northern Germany but also on the spot - at the customer's premises - worldwide.

Worldwide Services

  • Hotline for machines and electronics

  • Delivery of spare parts within 24 hours

  • Reparation of single machine components

  • Reparation of electronic components

  • General overhaul and modification of complete machines

  • Maintenance jobs as stated in the contracts
Sales representatives required for a full line of custom built and Standard range of Powder Applicators for the Rubber and Plastic Industry, Wire and Cable Industry, and all other applications.